President Trump still leading polls for Republican Primary 2024

According to a new poll by Zogby Analytics, President Trump would dominate the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence are considered by recent polls to be in fierce competition in a primary not featuring President Trump

According to the poll, President Trump, who most polls have shown is still the most popular conservative candidate among voters, is shown with a 40% lead over any potential competitor.

Although President Trump has not announced that he will run again in 2024, he has subtly hinted at it repeatedly. Even without his intentions announced, 54% of polled likely Republican voters picked him as their preferred primary candidate in a field that included others considered likely to run, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Senator Ted Cruz.

In a hypothetical primary in which President Trump did not run, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads at 27%. However, the primary would be expected to be much more contentious. In this scenario, polls indicate that the primary would be a close fight between Governor DeSantis and former VP Pence. However, with Trump running, Governor DeSantis would poll in second place though still a staggering 42% lower than President Trump.

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Also worth noting is that many polls and bookmakers have consistently shown President Trump as the potential Republican candidate with the highest chances of beating Joe Biden in 2024.

Between President Trump’s success in picking many Primary candidates across the nation and this current set of polls–nearly all of which show Trump with a significant lead over any potential challengers–it is clear that his influence within the Republican Party has not diminished.

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