A new poll commissioned by the GOP revealed that 75% of swing voters find that Democrats are “out of touch” with everyday people and “condescending” towards voters. 67% of those polled said Democratic spending in Congress is “out of control.”

This poll surveyed voters from 77 swing Congressional districts, in which Biden won by an average of 5.5 points. However, Republicans now lead in the generic ballot in these same districts by 4 points.

In these crucial districts, Biden’s approval rating stands at 40%, with a whopping 55% reporting their disapproval of him as our president.

“The NRCC’s latest battleground survey confirms that Joe Biden and Democrats face an increasingly challenging political environment,” reported the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in their polling memo. “Battleground voters continue to hold Democrats responsible for the negative impact that record-high inflation, soaring crime, and the crisis along our southern border are having on their lives. Additionally, these voters overwhelmingly support Republicans who are focused on addressing these issues.”

Regarding the border crisis, 78% of the surveyed voters indicated being more likely to support a Republican candidate who will work to stop dangerous cartels from bringing drugs into America.


Additionally, 46% of the surveyed battleground voters expressed they are most concerned about economic issues in the US. 52% blame the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats for the high gas prices, and 73% support increasing oil and gas production and exploration in the US.

These poll results don’t exactly bode well for Biden or the rest of the Democratic party in terms of future elections.

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