A new poll by Emerson College shows that former President Donald Trump has a major lead over his Republican rivals, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina and Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The poll shows Trump ahead of DeSantis by 30 points and ahead of Haley by 61 points.

Also indicated by this poll is that support for DeSantis has decreased by four points since last month.

DeSantis holds 25% of Republican primary voter support, while former Vice President Mike Pence holds 8% and Haley holds 5%.

Spencer Kimball, the Executive Director of Emerson College Polling, pointed out in which demographics Trump finds the most supporters.

“Trump’s base consists of voters whose highest degree of education is high school or less, among whom 72% support, decreasing to 45% among those with a college degree, and 42% of those with a postgraduate degree, among which he trails DeSantis by two points,” Kimball said.

Addressing DeSantis’ support among Republican voters who have obtained higher levels of education, Kimball said. “The Florida Governor’s strength is not only seen among this higher educated GOP block, but also among voters over 65, where he leads Trump 43% to 39%. He has gained 13 points among Midwestern voters, now only trailing Trump by eight points, compared to 32 points in January, presenting a potential issue for Trump as the Republicans look to Iowa as first in the nation.”

In a hypothetical 2024 match-up, President Biden trails Trump 42% to 46%. In this scenario, 7% of voters would support someone else and 5% are undecided.

“Biden’s support is highest among Democratic voters under 35,” Kimball explained. “85% of whom think he should be the nominee.”

Since the January Emerson poll, Biden’s support for the 2024 nominee has increased by 13 points.

Regarding the top concerns for US voters, the Emerson College Poll suggests that the economy remains the top issue for voters. The other issues concerning voters are healthcare (10%), immigration (10%), “threats to democracy” (10%), crime (9%), education (6%), and abortion access (4%).

Kimball highlighted the strong division among parties regarding Ukrainian aid.

“There is a stark partisan divide on the view of US aid to Ukraine,” Kimball said. “50% of Democrats say the US is giving the right amount of aid, whereas 46% of Republicans say the US is giving too much aid.”

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