Conservative pundit Erick Erickson took to social media Tuesday evening to reveal that he allegedly had a conversation with an unnamed GOP congressman about his — and many others — hatred for President Trump, noting that many are willing to “take out the President” via impeachment should he give Special Counsel Robert Mueller the boot.

Why the harsh rhetoric and potential action steps?

The impeachment was said to be punishment out of the fear of losing the Congressional majorities in both houses during the elections later this year.

The Gateway Pundit has more:

This would be their punishment for what they fear to be the loss of their Congressional majorities in the House and Senate come the November elections.

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Erickson said the Congressman is afraid to speak out publicly because he would be primaried and voted out by the Trump supporters in his district.

A transcript and embed of Erickson’s Instagram post in which the Republican Congressman is quoted as saying they and others are prepared to “take out the President”:

Tonight I got to spend some time at a Safeway grocery store with a Republican Member of Congress almost all of you would recognize. You will sometimes see him on Fox News defending the President. But he has come to despise the man privately even though he doesn’t say anything in public right now.

We roamed the aisles of the Safeway grocery store so he could complain about the President. He knew I would write about it and is happy to be quoted. He is livid.

“Needless to say I think if the president were to fire Robert Mueller at this point the votes are there to impeach him. A lot of Republican Congressmen are so frustrated and realizing they may lose their reelection that they are perfectly happy to take out the President with them because they all blame him.”

I’ll have a write up tomorrow at the Resurgent dot com.”

Erickson also posted several comments on Twitter about the alleged conversation.

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Erickson replied to Mother Jones’ David Corn and the Federalist’s James Hasson about the Congressman’s fear of going public.

What this Congressman and others like him in office don’t seem to grasp is that they are already in danger of losing their seats this November because they aren’t working hard enough to implement Trump’s agenda, which is what got him elected in the first place.

If he was truly concerned about being booted from office later this year, why would he not be rallying his colleagues around the president and working on getting the plans Trump has for restoring America put into action?

Trump ran on a platform of strong immigration reform which included a border wall that Congress voted to stop. They’ve failed to protect the president from egregious false attacks, to repeal Obamacare, to curb spending.

They’ve pretty much failed to keep their promises to voters on just about everything. Perhaps they ought to be focusing their energies on doing what they said they’d do?

Just a thought.

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