A new Baltimore restaurant is “opening soon” but it might be a bust with all of the controversy over the “racist” dress code.

The Choptank posted an image on Twitter of a sign that will be at the restaurant’s gate showing a dress code for all who enter.

They also tweeted out an explanation saying they’re doing what other restaurants/bars in the area have been doing:

“Being new to the Fells Point neighborhood, we simply implemented the dress code standard that is used by several other properties in the area including Barcocina, Bond Street Social Moby’s and The Horse You Came In On. Have a great day.”

Buzz began about the list of requirements with one commenter saying:

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“Ya’ll could have saved yourselves some time and said posted a ‘No black people’ sign”

The list is below…Do you think it’s racist? We’d like to know.

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Some people on social media supported the dress code while others called it discrimination.

The restaurant has updated its Dress Code a little by removing the “No baggy clothes” requirement and replacing it with “pants must be worn at the waist”.

We’d like to know what you think and if you’ve experienced anything like this at a bar or restaurant.

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