Last week, higher ups in ISIS sent out a press release saying that the violent videos they put out give them a bad name. They called for n end to the gruesome videos but you see how long that lasted…These animals can’t help themselves! They have children doing their dirty work too. 

A Twitter account linked to the radical terror group claims that a 19-year-old Arab from East Jerusalem was executed.

The radical terror group Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday evening released footage purportedly showing a child executing a man accused of being a ‘Mossad spy.’ The Twitter account is linked to ISIS, and had published a preview clip earlier in the evening with the execution of Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam, a 19-year-old from East Jerusalem.

The tweets from the social media account also claim that the Israeli Arab was killed by the Islamic State. The footage presents several other people which ISIS claims are spies. “We are looking towards Jerusalem,” the group says in the video.

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