A nationwide survey conducted by The Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action suggests that both Republicans and Democrats alike are predominantly opposed to underage minors undergoing sex changes and using puberty blockers.

78.7% of all respondents in this survey agreed that “underage minors should be required to wait until they are adults to use puberty blockers and undergo permanent sex change procedures.”

The survey revealed that 53.2% of Democrats think children should wait until they’re adults to use puberty blockers or undergo permanent sex change procedures.

Unsurprisingly, 96.8% of Republican respondents oppose minors being able to get sex changes.

Respondents that don’t identify with either the Democrat or Republican party also favor waiting until adulthood, with 84.6% being opposed to minors getting sex changes.


Mark Meckler, the president of the Convention of States, commented on the poll results, saying, “The idea that young people have to be 16 to drive, 18 to vote, and 21 to drink, and yet can undergo life-altering medical procedures in middle school defies common sense, and the American people see that clearly.”

In the upcoming election in November, Proposal 3, the Right to Reproductive Freedom will be on the ballot in Michigan as an initiated constitutional amendment. This ballot initiative seeks to make abortion a constitutional right in the state of Michigan.

Critics of Proposal 3 have argued that it is both confusing and dangerous.

Christen Pollo, the executive director of Michigan Right to Life explained her perspective on the proposal, saying, “It’s confusing in that, for just one example, the final line of Proposal 3 says it will invalidate all state laws that conflict with it. Proponents of Proposal 3 haven’t come forward with a list of what laws that includes.”

Pollo added that Proposal 3, if passed, may invalidate over 40 state laws. She also pointed out that it may repeal parental consent laws for children who are seeking abortions.

Another danger of Proposal 3 is that it includes a “right to sterilization” for anyone, regardless of age. Therefore, a minor could seek sex change procedures or puberty blocking drugs without parental consent, which could have major consequences on the state’s youth.

The seven Catholic bishops of Michigan wrote a collective letter earlier in October warning voters about Proposal 3 and making them aware of what it would make legal.

The bishops wrote:

“Let us be clear: If Proposal 3 passes, there would be no real limits on abortion or sterilization procedures in Michigan, outside of an individual’s voluntary consent. And no matter how one feels about abortion, this proposed amendment goes well beyond what was allowed under Roe vs. Wade. The proposal would also change our state constitution, which is much more consequential than any law. We urge you to read the proposed amendment and focus on the language. Words matter, particularly as they relate to constitutional amendments.”

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