Charlie Kirk tweeted out the new ad from President Trump’s reelection campaign, and it’s a doozy. The campaign focused on the “Let them eat ice cream” moment from an interview Nancy Pelosi had with James Cordon, where she showed off a $14k Sub Zero freezer full of $12 a pint gourmet ice cream.

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be more tone-deaf to the millions of suffering Americans, and this ad couldn’t be more spot on.

-22 million Americans filed for unemployment in one month

-Thousands of small businesses have been  forced to shut their doors

-Families are forced to wait in line at food banks for their next meal

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-But it’s okay—Nancy Pelosi has a fully stocked $24,000 freezer

The clip from Pelosi’s appearance is below:

It was a moment not to be forgotten.

While millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table, Pelosi proudly shows off a basket of gourmet chocolates and then expensive gourmet ice cream in her freezer. Note: She has a side-by-side Sub Zero freezer/fridge set up in her kitchen.

This is something to remember in November!

Also, she’s been deleting the video of her visit to Chinatown on 2/24/20 to tell everyone to come to visit. Here it is:


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