Yesterday, during a press conference in Clark County, Nevada, Trump lawyer Adam Laxalt dropped a bombshell update on their findings into dead voters and people who voted in Nevada even though they no longer live there.

Clark County Nevada is notorious for election fraud going all the way back to the SEIU union bussing people in from California to vote in Nevada elections. This is part of Harry Reid’s long-lasting legacy.

“This lawsuit presents that 15,000 people voted in Nevada and in another state. We are presenting that people that had already done a change of address and left the state outside of the 30-day requirement—their ballots were still cast,”  Laxalt told the media. “We are also presenting dead voters,” who voted in the election, he added.

Washington Examiner – In addition to the out-of-state voters who participated in Nevada’s general election, Laxalt identified several complaints about the more than 600,000 mail-in votes cast in Nevada. Laxalt said about 200,000 of those were verified through a machine, and never by a human. He also charged that Clark County registrar of voters Joe Gloria set the factory setting on the machine to accept signatures with an only 40% match.

Another 400,000 of those mail ballot signatures were verified by hand, but Laxalt said that the campaign is not able to view those.

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“I am positive, if you all got to see those,” Laxalt said, “you’re going to see countless mismatches.”

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