A confrontation between protesters who were trying to remove a statue of Juan de Oñate with chains, and a group of armed men that were trying to protect it turned violent on Monday afternoon.

The Oñate statues have been a source of criticism for decades.

Oñate, who arrived in present-day New Mexico in 1598, is celebrated as a cultural father figure in communities along the Upper Rio Grande that trace their ancestry to Spanish settlers. But he’s also reviled for his brutality.

A video that was allegedly taken at the scene, shows a group of protesters attempting to destroy the public statue with chains and what appears to be a pickaxe.

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The videos below are out of sequence, but the video below shows the protesters attempting to destroy the statue when there are four popping sounds that appear to be gunshots. The protesters, who are pulling on a rope, stop and look in the same direction. In the next video, one of the men who appear to be a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard is administering first aid to the protester who was shot.

Here’s another view of the confrontation that unfolded. Unfortunately, this video wasn’t released until yesterday afternoon after the media and several public officials had already defined the narrative. The new video shows protesters tearing down the statue, while the alleged shooter is standing nearby. Suddenly, a man dressed in all black and wearing a black ski-mask (Antifa?) slams a skateboard across the upper portion of the man in the bright blue shirt’s body. As the man in the bright blue shirt attempts to run away, he’s attacked by the mob, is chased down and beaten. The man in the bright blue shirt then appears to opens fire on the attackers in possible self-defense.  (***Warning****video is graphic)


Another video that was released late in the afternoon yesterday, shows the alleged shooter (wearing a bright blue shirt) being chased down, attacked and beaten by a group of at least 3 thugs dressed in typical (all-black) Antifa gear.

Another Twitter user responds to the video with a photo showing a close up of one of the protesters (Antifa?) holding what appears to be a knife or some sort of tool in one hand and a knife sheath or a second knife in the other hand. It’s also possible he’s holding two knives in his hands.

The man who appears to be holding some sort of weapon or weapons in his hand is dressed like a member of the Anitfa terror group, wearing all black with a black bandana covering his face.


A video shows police arresting two men, including the man wearing the bright blue t-shirt, who is the alleged shooter:

Elected officials quickly condemned the shooter. Without having all of the details surrounding the shooting, Democrat Senator Tom Udall (NM) tweeted his condemnation of the shooter, saying: “There is absolutely no excuse for an armed, so-called ‘militia’ group to cause violence and escalation in our community.”

The New Mexico GOP also jumped on the condemnation wagon. They have since retracted their statement and are waiting for the results of the police investigation before making any further comments.

One honest journalist reported about the shooting incident:

Why aren’t we hearing more about this story in the media?

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