Now that the Kavanaugh accusers stories are blowing up, the Democrat Party media has been working overtime to develop a new coordinated narrative, one that paints Judge Kavanaugh as a “drunk”. There’s a lot that can be said about the Democrat Party, but one thing that can never be said is that they back down from a fight, because they never do, they don’t have to, because even when they’re found to be wrong, the media circles the wagons and does whatever is necessary to help acheive the goals of the Democrat Party operatives.

Here are just a few examples of how the Democrat Paty media has been trying to paint Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a man with an impeccable record as a public servant and as a human being as a drunk, who should be disqualified because he partied in college:

(CNN)During his time at one of the nation’s most elite universities, there’s no question that Judge Brett Kavanaugh achieved academic success. But when it comes to the frequency and severity of his drinking there, some former classmates are raising questions about how truthful Kavanaugh was in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and offering to tell FBI investigators what they know.

(VOXDuring Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony and questioning last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding sexual assault allegations against him, the word “beer” came up 53 times and the word “drinking” came up 43 times.

Though not ordinarily a theme in a Supreme Court nominee hearing, the question of what kind of drinker Kavanaugh was — and what he may have done under the influence of alcohol — emerged as one important, and disturbing, focus.

And finally, the taxpayer funded NPR – Drinking beer became such a theme in last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that Saturday Night Live spoofed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh‘s many references to drinking beer with his friends.

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But there are serious questions underlying all the focus on beer: whether Kavanaugh was fully forthcoming in his testimony and what his behavior was like when drunk.

Here’s what Google’s top searches for “Kavanaugh drinking” looks like:

But oops! A new video has now emerged of President Barack Obama discussing his years as an adolescent. We all knew he was a regular weed smoker, and that he even did harder drugs, but did we know he was a “thug” or that he drank a 6-pack of beer an hour before going to class? Of course, you didn’t, because his records were sealed and we weren’t allowed to know anything about the man who was running for the highest office in America.

Don’t worry, Barack Obama blames his behavior on being black.

What will critics of Judge Kavanaugh drinking beer with college buddies have to say after they watch this video of Obama admitting he did worse as an adolescent?


Unfortunately, blaming the color of his skin for his admitted excessive drinking isn’t something Judge Kavanaugh is able to do.

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