We published a story earlier today that addressed Dr. David Dao’s history with anger issues. In the article, we addressed the character of the doctor after it was revealed that he had issues with controlling his anger and that the married Dr. lost his license after he was caught trading drugs for gay sex with patients. We also asked why he was screaming so loudly when the airport cops began removing him from his seat?
From our perspective, it appears that the doctor is either very good at drama or has some sort of disorder which causes him to violently scream when touched. After watching the new video (at end of article) that shows airport police officers negotiating with Dr. Dao, and hearing his responses to them, we can see why the man seen sitting in front of Dao in the video wasn’t too worked up about it when they finally removed him from his seat.

Watch here:

Many readers on our 100 Percent FED UP Facebook page were enraged to think that we would even suggest that there could be more to the story than what was being reported. We were curious about what happened before Dr. Dao was dragged out of his seat. To be clear, we don’t condone the abuse of any passenger on a paid flight by airport police, but we still believed there was more to the story than what was being shown in a video making the rounds on social media, that was taken by a passenger on the flight from Chicago to Louisville.

We’re wondering how long the United Airlines passengers would have put up with Dr. Dao’s refusal to leave the plane before they became involved. After 1 or 2 hours of Dr. Dao’s refusal to leave (even though he accepted to those terms when he agreed to fly with United), would the passengers have taken matters into their own hands after hours of listening to him refusing to leave? How long would the passengers have allowed Dr. Dao to delay their flight before demanding someone take action?

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Here’s the latest UPDATE:

The tense moment Dr David Dao argued with a Chicago cop just seconds before being humiliatingly hauled off an overbooked United Airlines flight has been captured on camera.

Footage of Dr Dao being unceremoniously dragged from a plane at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Sunday has traveled around the world, leading to mass condemnation of United and its policies.

But exactly what happened in the moments leading up to the doctor being pulled from the fight by his arms was unknown.

Until now.

The new video, recorded by a female passenger sitting directly behind Dr Dao, starts with a flight attendant and police officer standing in the aisle.

The doctor is seen gesturing with his arm towards the cop, while talking on his cellphone.

‘I won’t go. I’m a physician I have to work tomorrow, eight o’clock,’ he is heard saying.

Dr Dao then tells the person he is talking to on the phone: ‘I… I tell you… make a lawsuit against United Airlines.’

The officer is then heard in the video again asking Dr Dao to leave.

‘No I am not going,’ he replies, shaking his head angrily.

The cop then says: ‘Well… I have to drag you… You know how this is going to end up happening, right?’

Dao then replies: ‘You can drag me, I’m not going. I’m staying right here. You’ll have to drag me.’

The cop then says, ‘I’m just telling you, it’s going to be a lot harder for you…’, before Dao interrupts with: ‘Yes I know that, I’d rather go to jail.’

‘You’d rather go to jail than just getting off,’ the cop replies, while sounded confused at the comment.

‘Yes,’ Dao is heard saying.

The two then continue speaking for a few more seconds, with Dr Dao mentioning he had flown to Chicago from Los Angeles and was desperate to get home, before the video cuts off.

Here’s the video:

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