New York City is in rough shape with their communist mayor so it’s surprising that the focus is on banning the sale of fur. It was straws and then plastic bags and now it’s fur. The sale of fur will be banned if the city gets its way but people can still wear fur. It’s great to see the City Council has its priorities in order…Sarcasm implied.

Think about it…stores that have been in business for decades will no longer be able to sell their products. Businesses could fold because of this move but the city leaders are just focused on banning fur sales even though NYC is the largest fur retail market in the U.S. This is why the line was so long to get into City Council Chambers for a hearing. Yes, killing businesses will do that.

Two unlikely groups gathered to protest the proposed ban. Black pastors and Hasidic Jews are determined to stop NYC lawmakers from banning fur sales: According to the New York Times, this unlikely group converged in front of New York’s City Hall yesterday to speak out against an effort to ban the sale of fur within New York’s five boroughs. Violators would face fines between $500 and $1,500 and having any money made selling banned fur confiscated by authorities.

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The Hasidic Jewish men wear a special hat called a Shtreimel. It is Yiddish, and it refers to a specific type of fur hat that the men wear on Shabbat, Jewish holidays, and other festivities. They feel they will become more of a target when they wear the hats if the anti-fur ban takes place. According to, the question of antisemitism comes up in the discussion of the fur sale ban: SHTREIMELS UNDER ATTACK? New York City Council Proposes Legislation To Ban Sale Of Fur Apparel

As the Times noted:

New York City is the largest fur retail market in the United States, according to FurNYC, a trade group representing 130 fur retailers in the city. The 150 fur businesses in the city create 1,100 jobs and produce $400 million in revenue per year, according to the group.

Nick Pologeorgis, who runs a Manhattan-based fur business that’s been in his family for more than 50 years, said the proposed ban would hurt his staff of 20 workers as well as the factories he contracts with to make coats, vests and other apparel.

“This will impact the factories that I give a lot of work to, the people I buy lining supplies from,” Pologeorgis told amNewYork. “We do a tremendous amount of shipping through UPS and FedEx.”

Forget about battling homelessness (see tweet below) or blight…the city leaders would rather battle established businesses that pay taxes.

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While pretty much anything goes in NYC, now the cities lawmakers are trying to shut down thriving businesses who pay tons of taxes??? Pathetic…

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