New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was doing a live radio interview when he said the ‘n-word’ in reference to a New York Times op-ed from Saturday about the racist treatment of Italian Americans in the past:

“They used the expression that southern Italians were called…I believe they said Southern Italians, Sicilians, I’m half-Sicilian…were called, quote,unquote…pardon my language, but I’m just quoting ‘The Times’… n***er wops, N-word wops, as a derogatory comment.”

“When I said that wop was a derogatory comment, that’s when ‘The Times’ union told me, ‘No, you should look at Wikipedia. Wop really meant a dandy. I’m sure that’s what they were saying to me back in Queens, You’re a dandy,’ when they looked at me with scorn and gave me a hand gesture and called me a wop. So that’s ‘The New York Times.’”

This comes after Andrew’s brother Chris Cuomo got into a battle about the word “Fredo”

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Cuomo was using the ‘n-word’ to describe what Southern Italian’s were called. Even though he’s quoting, should Cuomo apologize for using the word? What if it was a Republican who said this?

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