New York Governor Kathy Hochul on Tuesday announced “$3 million would be allocated to expand the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit’s Threat Assessment and Management training to all colleges and universities in New York State,” a press release stated.

“The Governor also directed the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to develop and distribute a media literacy toolkit to help public school educators teach their students how to spot misinformation/disinformation/malinformation (“MDM”) online, sent a letter to major social media companies calling for increased monitoring of content that could incite violence, and released an informational guide for parents to help start conversations around the destructive impacts of hate and hate speech with young adults upon their returns home during the holiday season,” the press release added.

“Today, I’m directing the Director of Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to develop media literacy tools for K-12 in our public schools,” Hochul said during a press conference.

“This will teach students, and even teachers, to help understand how to spot conspiracy theories and misinformation, disinformation and online hate,” she continued.


Has there ever been a more blatant confession from a United States public servant that we’re going to indoctrinate school children?


Hochul blamed an “increase in nationwide antisemitic and Islamophobic threats online” for the expansion of government resources.

“The rising tide of hate is putting all New Yorkers at risk – and as Governor, I’m committed to tackling this crisis head-on,” Hochul said.

“We’re deploying physical security resources, expanding our Threat Management and Assessment teams, calling for stronger action from social media companies, and encouraging families and communities to come together to fight hate. New York has always been a beacon of hope, tolerance and inclusivity, and we will be defined by how we come together to condemn hate in all forms,” she continued.

Simultaneously, mainstream outlets warned New York state faces an increased terror threat.

“The NYPD says there are growing concerns about security with the escalating violence in Gaza. @CBSNews has learned about heightened threats of a possible terror attack on the U.S. with ‘New York state being a focus.’ The alert says possible targets include protests and other public events,” CBS Evening News said Tuesday.


The New York governor’s announcement follows her message last week saying the state government would boost online surveillance to combat ‘hate speech.’

Democrat Governor Announces Online Surveillance To Combat ‘Hate Speech’, Will Contact Social Media Users

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the State of New York will increase staffing to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and allocate an additional $2.5 million to the New York State Police to combat ‘hate speech.’

Hochul’s administration will deploy “ten additional investigators in New York City, Albany, Buffalo and Rochester, ensuring the State Police has a presence in all JTTF investigative groups and areas.”

The Democrat governor blamed the Hamas-Israel conflict for a rise in hate crimes.

“It’s painful to me as the Governor of this great state, that has been known for its diversity, and how we celebrate different cultures, different religions, different viewpoints, it’s painful to see the cruelty with which New Yorkers are treating each other. Everywhere from college campuses, to our streets, to schools, to playgrounds; even as they’re entering their houses of worship,” Hochul said.

“If anyone thinks that they can get away with spreading hate and harming other New Yorkers and violating the law, you will be caught. You will be caught here in the State of New York because we are ramping up our resources to ensure that everyone can live freely… I want to get back to that time, that space, where New Yorkers can trust each other, be friends on a college campus again, be friends at a playground, in a workplace. Let’s get back to that commonality that we’ve always shared throughout our history as New Yorkers,” she continued.

Hochul said the state government is “focused on the data we’re collecting from surveillance efforts.”

If you say something considered ‘hate speech’ on social media, Hochul’s administration will try to contact you.

“What’s being said on social media platforms. And we have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms,” a transcript of Hochul’s Monday press conference read.

Watch Tuesday’s full press conference below:

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