A well respected local college administrator let his anti-Trump feelings get the best of him. He stole 7 TRUMP signs and then we finally caught after the property owner put recording equipment in his yard. Charlie Tulmello was stunned to learn that the culprit wasn’t kids pulling a prank but former keuka College administrator Norman Muir….

Muir refused to be on camera but said he was ashamed of what he’d done…except he did it 7 times! Can you imagine putting that much effort into stealing campaign signs? 

For anyone out there who doesn’t know, you can be charged for stealing campaign signs! DON’T DO IT!

A New York man was stunned this week to find out who stole his Donald Trump yard signs — the former vice president of academic affairs at a local college.

Charlie Tulumello of Amherst put recording equipment in his yard after pro-Trump yard signs kept disappearing in the middle of the night. Seven signs in total disappeared before the culprit — former Keuka College administrator Norman Muir — was finally caught.
“The first ones I thought maybe they were kids, pranks,” Mr. Tulumello told a local CBS News affiliate Monday. “This is supposed to be the United States of America. Free speech. Those things are not supposed to be done.”
Mr. Tulumello told the station that his wife was “uneasy” at night as the theft continued, so he put up a special sign warning people to stay off his property.
“Didn’t work. This fella just kept coming,” the New Yorker said. “I was aggravated, angry. This person comes up on my property in the middle of the night. You don’t know what to think. I mean, these are stupid signs, but you’re coming onto my property in the middle of the night, stealing. That’s not right.”

Via: WT

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