NYPD’s deputy commissioner of counter-terrorism, John Miller, said an attack on three police officers had ‘all the hallmarks that would be out of the terrorist playbook.’

Dzenan Camovic, 20, is accused of the violent attack on the three cops in Flatbush, Brooklyn, on Wednesday night.

The video below shows Camovic stabbing one officer in the neck and then shooting two other officers before being shot.

“This was not a chance encounter—it was a planned assassination attempt on an NYPD police officer.”

“It’s only by sheer luck that this didn’t have a drastically different outcome.”

Camovic is currently intubated and in a critical condition in the hospital and is expected to be charged with three counts of attempted murder on a police officer.

The FBI is looking into the case and may file federal charges.

Camovic, who is a practicing Muslim, recently started a Twitter account and has liked several anti-police tweets. He has not been linked to any specific terrorist organization.

Camovic’s family members say that he is a practicing Muslim, but is “absolutely not a terrorist.”

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