The New York Post brutalized Nancy Pelosi after the sham impeachment of President Trump, implying that she will lose her leadership position as House Speaker after the next election.

‘Swamp mistress Pelosi dresses in black for historic vote…IT’S YOUR FUNERAL’

Pelosi was full-on acting when she claimed this was a “solemn” moment. This was something that the Democrats wanted from the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Who are they kidding?

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Evidence of the phony “solemn” moment couldn’t have been more clear when Pelosi had to shush the Democrats for celebrating after the first vote last night:

The House Democrats just voted to impeach President Trump. This will not be a stain on his presidency but a stain on the radical Democrats who pushed to impeach him from the beginning.

This wasn’t the “somber” and “solemn” moment Democrats had claimed because they started cheering and clapping after they voted to impeach. This prompted Pelosi to motion to them to knock it off.

Watch below as Pelosi gives the evil-eye to signal for the Dems to stop cheering.

Watch the face Pelosi makes when the second article of impeachment has been voted on:

Two words for Pelosi: TERM LIMITS!


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