The New York Post published a piece based on recent polls which show GOP candidate Lee Zeldin with a shot at the Governorship in New York State

New York has been solidly blue for most of this century, thus far. The last Republican Governor in the state ended his term in 2006, leading to a string of Democrats who have driven the deep-blue state further into disarray every year.

However, that may change with Rep. Lee Zeldin’s candidacy. Zeldin, who survived an assassination attempt last month, runs for New York Governor where he has polled substantially better than previous contenders in recent years.

Representative Lee Zeldin with his family. By Tamara Beckwith

This has led to the New York Post even saying that the GOP may win with him.

With three months before the election, Lee Zeldin is down just 14 points–which sounds more like than it actually is–against Governor Hochul.

For perspective, when Rob Astorino ran against Cuomo last time polls showed him down 32 points but he only truly lost by 14. This shows that the polls show much larger gaps than there are in reality.

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Zeldin has three months to close a gap which very well may already be small, and with Hochul’s shaky and less-than-energetic performance this is very doable.

He has continued to gain in every poll and is hopeful that the pattern will continue, seeing the gap shrink further with every new day.

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Zeldin not only has the brunt of the GOP’s support behind him, but also has a lead over Hochul with independents. The reason is that he represents restoring law and prosperity to the state of New York, whereas under Hochul you have cashless bond churning arrested criminals baxck out onto the streets immediately, leading to the worst crime wave New York City has seen in decades. Under the Democrats at large you have the worst economy since the 1970s, mass inflation, and a cost of living which is outrageous even by Manhattan standards.

Zeldin represents a change which New York needs and craves. And beyond this, his popularity as a Representative of Long Island contributes to his solid 40% baseline in the election–substantially higher than any other Republican has managed in the past four elections.

So with all of this in consideration, Zeldin seems to be the best shot the GOP has had at the New York Governor’s seat in nearly twenty years. And New York’s best bet at turning around for the better.

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