Oh, the irony of original fake news reporter Brian Williams interviewing Michael Schmidt, a weasel reporter working for the New York Times, the decades-old propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. During the hilarious interview, Schmidt admits that he never even saw the alleged memo from Comey he wrote about, yet somehow, without a shred of evidence, his story turned into the bombshell news of the day. This interview is one of the best examples of why Americans have such low opinion of “news” sources like the NYT’s and the mainstream media…

Got News-  New York Times Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim’s blogger Michael Schmidt told professional liar Brian Williams that he hadn’t seen the memos that James Comey allegedly wrote. “Someone that had seen them recounted details to me,” Schmidt said in what is a breach of journalistic protocol.

Schmidt has been called out for getting a story wildly wrong before thanks to his anonymous sources. Schmidt, citing his anonymous federal law enforcement sources, claimed that one of the San Bernardino terrorists had talked about jihad openly. She didn’t.

His boss even reprimanded him and called for “systematic changes” to the way Schmidt and Carlos Slim’s blog use anonymous sources.

We guess our anonymous sources are better than the Times.

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Schmidt’s open admissions on MSNBC confirm GotNews reporting Wednesday that Schmidt hasn’t in fact seen the relevant Comey documents.


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