Last month, in what was an expected election result, Democrats in Minnesota elected Somali refugee, Ilhan Omar to be their next Muslim US Congresswoman. In January, Omar will fill the seat of the disgraced outgoing Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, who was recently forced to resign as the DNC vice chair, after multiple credible accusations of domestic violence. The Somali-born Muslim lawmaker, Ilhan Omar, brings her own set of baggage with her to Washington DC, including multiple campaign finance violation charges as well as a controversy surrounding allegations that she committed immigration fraud when she married and then divorced her own brother.

Omar has also received special treatment from our media, who have completely ignored a hateful tweet against Jews that was posted by Omar while she was a state lawmaker in Minnesota. In her tweet, Omar asked Allah to awaken the people to help them see the evil doings of Israel.

Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.

It would appear that Omar’s hate for other religions isn’t limited to Jews. Last week, the Muslim lawmaker mocked Jesus and Mike Pence in one nasty tweet, while defending her stance on open borders in the U.S.

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Omar tweeted a photo with Vice President, Mike Pence, who appears to be praying, mocking him with the phrase, “Jesus take the wheel!”, followed by #BorderWall

Jesus take the wheel!

Omar’s tweet was not well received. Here are just a few responses from thousands of mostly negative comments to her tweet:

I’d ask Muhammad to take the wheel, but it’d be for a truck filled with explosives.

Ilhan, Jesus Christ is God come in human flesh…Who lived the perfect life we cannot live yet suffered the wrath of God the Father as if He committed every sin done by those who will come to Him in repentance and faith. May the Savior have mercy on you and grant you repentance.

The former MLB pitching great, Curt Schilling wrote: This should have about 10 million retweets. Can you imagine if someone had tweeted at her sad soul “alluah ahkbar” in mocking her? Publicly shamed into exile is what the media would do and liberals everywhere would be ok with it.

Ilhan, buddy, ol’ pal, I remind you of the story of the Cross, and Our Lord hanging from the Cross being mocked as you mocked Him via VP Pence, I have you on my prayer list! Jesus Is Lord!

I don’t see going crazy over this disrespectful comment

That’s a great question! Where is the media? Why does the media continue to ignore Ilhan Omar, her racist tweets, and her history? It’s almost like she’s the equivalent of a female Barack Obama when it comes to the media looking the other way.

Yesterday, we published an article about Omar and her support for her fellow Muslims in Minnesota, who are protesting Amazon because they aren’t giving them enough time off during their work day to pray. Practicing Muslims pray five times a day, but apparently, Muslims who work at Amazon can’t find enough time to pray when they’re not on the clock.

In an email to Amazon, Ilhan Omar said she feels it’s important for Amazon to fully “take into consideration the particular needs and practices of this community.”

“Amazon has shown a willingness to invest in American communities and build up in areas where their businesses are located,” Omar says. “We want to see the company make that same investment in American workers and make sure profits and benefits are being adequately and equitably distributed to their own workers. There is no better time to deliver this message than right now — during a month when the holiday season is increasing not only Amazon’s profitability, but also the pressure on their workers, and time they are asked to spend away from their families.”

This morning, it was announced that the US conducted six airstrikes in Somalia to pre-empt an extremist attack on our military base. The attack left 62 dead in the violent, war-torn nation where most of the Muslims who are living in Minnesota and protesting Amazon, were living before the US allowed them to come here to live.

Derek Hunter of Townhall, reminded everyone that the Somali refugees who are complaining about being forced to have to “work and meet goal” at Amazon, came from this “sh*thole” and if they don’t like the work requirements every other person working for Amazon is forced to abide by, they could always quit or return to Somalia.

That goes for Ilhan Omar, as well…

Popular Youtuber RAMZPAUL reminds everyone that the Somali’s we’re taking out over there for their roles in terrorism are the same people we import to the formerly peaceful Minnesota.

Should Somali refugees like Ilhan Omar, who have come to America from one of the world’s worst sh*tholes, and have been given so much opportunity and freedom, spend so much time complaining about how bad things are in the U.S.?

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