A second batch of classified documents has been leaked on social media that detail conflicts in China, Ukraine, and the Middle East. Over 100 documents were compromised. The Pentagon confirmed the leak but said the documents appear to have been altered. The documents were dropped on Friday on a messaging board called 4Chan and then quickly spread to Twitter.
Included in the batch of documents are charts detailing weapons deliveries in Ukraine and an analysis of U.S. troops and battalions.
Twitter and other Social media platforms lit up as information detailing the documents spread.
“JUST IN: U.S. war plans for the Russia-Ukraine war have been leaked; analysts warn the leaked documents could provide valuable information to the Russian military.
How on earth were war plans “leaked”? Could the Biden admin be any more incompetent?!”

A document that has a detailed map of the fighting in the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut was included in the drop. Supposedly the town has been an epicenter of severe fighting for six months.

The Pentagon responded by saying  it is looking into the security breach.

Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary,

“We are aware of the reports of social media posts, and the Department is reviewing the matter.”

What is strange is that the while the Pentagon has confirmed the documents are real and were leaked, the Ukranian people are being told that the documents are fake. The documents indicate higher levels of Ukranian casualties than what has been reported.

The Kyiv Independent news outlet reported that Ukraine’s intelligence dismisses classified war documents leaked online as fake.

“The most successful operations of the Russian special services take place in photoshop, Ukraine’s military intelligence spokesperson commented on April 7.”

One slide that has drawn a lot of attention shows that 16,000 to 17,500 Russian soldiers had been killed, while Ukraine had suffered more than triple their losses showing 71,500 troop deaths. This piece of information is being carefully hedged, with the Pentagon saying it may have been altered to “downplay Russian losses.” The reality is the slide is contrary to what has been reported. The US and Ukraine have attempted to portray the battle against Russia as a victorious one. The shared estimate touted to Americans is that Russia had suffered double the casualties of Ukraine, with 200,000 Russian troops injured or killed in battle. Questions about how involved the US is in the Ukraine war have also surfaced, as some documents point to the use of US ground troops in the conflict.

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