After it was revealed earlier this month that former President Donald Trump would be indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, people were quick to mention that Bragg received significant campaign funding from a Soros-backed PAC.

Soros has openly admitted to pouring tens of millions of dollars in to American politics, particularly to influence Attorney General and prosecutor races across the country to promote soft-on-crime policies.

Naturally, Soros wields a significant amount of influence in the Democratic Party as being in his good graces could mean receiving campaign funds to the tune of six or even seven figures.

Newly released visitor logs from the Biden White House indicate that Soros and his son, Alexander Soros, are even more influential than people know.

In just the last year and a half, Alexander Soros has visited the White House 14 times, averaging a visit almost every month.

The meetings included visits with high-profile officials who handle national security matters such as Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer.

Alex Soros has also met with former President Barack Obama and Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate.

FOX News Reports

Alexander Soros, son of liberal billionaire George Soros, has made frequent visits to the White House since President Biden took office in 2021, meeting with top officials on behalf of his 92-year-old father.

Soros — who has worked to carry his father’s torch as he has assisted with fundraising efforts for the Democratic Party — traveled to the White House at least 14 times since October 2021 and had meetings with multiple officials in 2022, according to White House visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital.

The logs detailing visits by Soros to the White House were first reported by the New York Post on Saturday and revealed that the billionaire’s son made a trip to the White House on December 1, 2022, the day he met with then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s assistant, Nina Srivastava, who also served on Biden’s presidential campaign.

That December visit to the White House, according to the Post, took place on the same day a state dinner attended by Alexander Soros was held by the first family to honor French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte.

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