The Ottawa Citizen newspaper is juiced about the new availability of body parts because of assisted suicide available there. Who knew the transplant industry now has spare body parts with the boon of assisted suicide?

Thank goodness Twitter comments to the newspaper overwhelmingly were against this and compared this “choice” to abortion’s body part harvesting: “Get em coming and going. From abortion to inconvenient. Pretty inhumane.” Several comments compared Canada to China’s organ harvesting.

The headline is pretty sickening:

“Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario.”

What’s worse than the title is the promotion is examples of assisted suicide as a virtuous way to end it all. What’s wrong with that, right? No, wrong! How about the value of human life and the dignity of every individual life?

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It’s like the more Canada can kill, the more they can save…Sick!

Loren on Twitter: “China called, they salute your attempt to use undesirables for organ harvesting. Glory to the revolution.”

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