What’s wrong with this picture? A mainstream publication runs an article describing a disturbing “males only” meeting of Muslim extremists at a Holiday Inn in Northern Virginia…It’s crickets from any other news media on this hate-filled call for a Holy War…We get free speech but this is HATE speech!

The topic of conversation was jihad and hate for Ahmadi Muslims who they consider to be as bad as Jews and Christians because they aren’t violent extremists. They referred to America as “Kafiristan” or land of the infidels.  These Muslims acknowledge that they are in a ‘Holy War’ against non-believers but we have refused to see it. It’s clear that anyone not like them is the enemy and they plan a holy war against them…Why is his acceptable and NOT considered hate speech?

Groups of Sunni Muslim extremists gathered in a Holiday Inn in northern Virginia over the weekend and called for followers to wage jihad—or holy war—against infidels.

The Pakistani-American imams who led the event bashed the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a religious movement founded in 19th-century India, according to one participant who attended the event. Among the main complaints was that Ahmadi Muslims criticize violence and forbid waging jihad against non-Muslim governments.

“Because Islam is being attacked from all corners, we as Muslims should work together. But glory be to Allah, we have decided not to support anything [Ahmadi Muslims] say,” Mufti Shazad Hussain, an imam in Virginia who addressed the participants, was quoted saying.

The conference organizers were Idara Dawat-O-Irshad and Khatme Nabuwwat Center, two Muslim groups registered as corporations in Virginia, just a short drive from the U.S. capital. The groups are working to export their extremist ideology and intolerance into the United States, critics say.

Right at the entrance of the conference hall, extremist literature glorifying ‘Holy War’ and condemning the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as ‘Kafir’ (infidels) and depicting them as ‘the greatest enemy of Islam’ was being openly displayed and distributed.

The event, titled “Final Prophet Conference,” was primarily a recruitment and fundraising effort, with a special focus on young Muslim Americans. During the talks and off-line discussions, multiple speakers, especially Mr. Rafiq Khan, repeatedly referred to America as Kafiristan, “the land of the infidels.”


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