Yesterday, the unhinged Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA), prepared her allies in the media for what many believed was a plan to accuse President Trump of not having the mental capacity to continue to perform his duties. Pelosi planted the seed that she and the same Democrats that humiliated themselves with an attempt to impeach President Trump, potentially have a new scheme.

“Tomorrow, by the way, tomorrow, come here tomorrow. We’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment,” she told her allies in the media.

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Today, with her mask hanging down below her nose, Speaker Pelosi delivered on her promise to push the use of the 25th Amendment. But was she talking about President Trump?

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Watch the foolish, masked House Speaker, as she stands by herself and explains how this is not about President Trump, but about “future presidents,” leading many to believe the Democrats are clearing a path for Senator Kamala Harris to become the next President should Biden win the election.

Many in America believe Nancy Pelosi is attempting to distract from Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, whose mental health is clearly in rapid decline, others, like former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich, believe Pelosi bringing up the 25th Amendment is not about Trump at all, but instead, is being used as a trial run for “replacing incapacitated President Biden with Harris next Spring if they win.” Gingrich pointed out in a tweet, that Biden is the target in her attempt to push the 25th Amendment narrative, not Trump.

Former Speaker Gingrich isn’t the only one who believes the Democrats have a plan to replace Joe Biden with vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. President Trump told Rush Limbaugh during his show today, that he believed Pelosi’s 25th Amendment is about replacing Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. Rush Limbaugh agreed, saying, “It’s a trial run to see if they can get Biden out.”

Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) have both slipped up and spoke about a Harris-Biden administration.

77-year-old Joe Biden let the truth slip out on Sept. 14, during his speech in Tampa, Florida, when he referred to a “Harris-Biden administration.”

Only one day earlier, Kamala Harris slipped in a virtual forum  speaking about “A Harris administration together with Joe Biden.”

Prior to Nancy’s highly anticipated press conference, the Democrat mainstream media, fell into formation on Twitter, lining up like good disciples of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, to begin their campaign to support Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democrat’s 25th Amendment campaign. The media, however, expressed their hope that Nancy’s plot would include removing President Trump only days before the election.

A large number of the tweets by Nancy Pelosi’s biggest cheerleaders include members of the White House correspondents tasked with covering the president.

DC Bureau Chief of Mother Jones and MSNBC analyst, David Corn took part in the coordinated message campaign, using a curiously timed article by the anti-Trump New York Times to prove that Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming statement that President Trump needs to be removed from office is true.

Corn tweeted about Trump suffering from “steroid-induced mania” as a result of his COVID treatment administered by doctors at Walter Reed Hospital. Corn notes, “And not one Republican has expressed concern about this.” Hmmm….you don’t say! Could that be because they weren’t in on the Democrat media and Democrat Party Zoom call or email chain?

Mark Joseph Stern, a writer for the Slate magazine also curiously, used the NYT’s hit piece on President Trump to support his claim that “Donald Trump is very clearly, very quickly, and very publicly losing his mind.”

MSNBC analyst Jill Banks also tweeted the NYT’s article, calling it “very disturbing,” and suggesting that the 25th Amendment might be in order to remove Trump from office (before Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed?)

Politico White House reporter, Meridith McGraw blasted Trump with a quote from the NYT’s article, attempting to paint a picture of a desperate man losing the presidential race to Joe Biden.  It’s curious, that the more President Trump addressed the massive voter fraud that continues to be uncovered across America, the more the left tries to paint him as crazy.

Meanwhile, there has been no mention of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline that’s been well documented by independent journalists, and news outlets that are actually reporting about Joe’s struggle with answering even the most basic questions.


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