On Monday, Washington Commaders’ defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio posted a tweet that addressed the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to protests in the United States. At a later press conference, he was confronted about his tweet and, instead of bowing to the pressure of the woke media, Del Rio boldly explained his point of view.

In response to a tweet about the Capitol protests of Jan 6, Del Rio compared the events of Jan 6 to the riots that consumed the United States following the death of George Floyd, questioning why the response to Jan 6 has been so great, but there were few repercussions for the BLM riots.

“Would love to understand “the whole story” about why the summer of riots, looting, burning and the destruction of personal property is never discussed but this is ?? #CommonSense”

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On Wednesday, Del Rio was asked about this tweet by a reporter. He stood his ground and gave an awesome response:

“I’m just expressing myself. And I think we all, as Americans, have the right to express ourselves – especially if you’re being respectful. I’m being respectful. I just asked a simple question, really… Let’s get right down to it. What did I ask? A simple question: Why are we not looking into those things? If we’re going to talk about it, why are we not looking into those things?”

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He then explained his comparison of the Jan 6 Capitol protests and the George Floyd riots, questioning why there is such a double standard in our country. Del Rio condemns the violence of the George Floyd riots, and points out the hypocrisy of the Left when they make a major deal over the events of Jan 6 yet celebrate the mass destruction in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“I can realistically look at it, I see the images on TV. People’s livelihoods are being destroyed, businesses are being burned down, no problem. And then we have a dust up at the Capitol, nothing burned down, and we’re going to make that a major deal. 

I just think it’s kinda two standards. And if we apply the same standard, and we’re gonna be reasonable with each other, let’s have a discussion. That’s all it was. Let’s have a discussion. We’re Americans. Let’s talk it through.”

“It’s about love and respect,” concluded Del Rio.


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