The NFL is stepping up security today after a Paris soccer stadium was rocked by a blast (video below)  that could be heard on the field. The account below from the WSJ states that a suicide bomber was frisked and refused entrance to the soccer stadium. The big question is that they’re asking people not to bring bags BUT what if a terrorist is wearing a suicide vest? Does it really matter or help if people don’t bring bags? They can’t frisk every fan today so how do they stop a suicide bomber from entering the stadium?

One of the attackers had a ticket for the soccer game between France and Germany and attempted to enter the 80,000-seat stadium 15 minutes into the game, but he was frisked and refused entrance. He reportedly then detonated the suicide vest as he was walking away from the security checkpoint. Being turned away likely saved dozens of lives and possibly prevented a much more chaotic situation inside the stadium.

The NFL will have a noticeably increased security presence at its games Sunday following the attacks in Paris.
In a statement released Saturday, the league said, “there will be an increased security and law enforcement presence both inside and outside stadiums in the parking lots.” The NFL says it has been working with the FBI as well, and at this point, there are no known threats.
League officials are also asking that fans refrain from bringing bags to games. Games are scheduled in New York, Seattle and Denver this week just to name a few.




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