Sadly, he’ll never live it down… NFL player Dez Bryant courageously came out and suggested that black people stop blaming white people for their plight and start helping each other out. His message is really more about common sense. Instead of the black community lashing out at him, perhaps they should listen to what he has to say. Bryant is delivering a compassionate and caring message, yet many of the people who follow him on Instagram wasted no time calling him out, using vulgar and hateful language to express their disgust for his message of unity.

Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant took to Instagram Monday to express his thoughts on who’s to blame for the plight of the black people in America.

nfl star

“First and foremost, I would like to say I do a great job of minding my own business, but it’s pressing on my heart to share my thoughts about white Americans and black Americans (racism),” Bryant wrote.

Bryant continued:

I saw a person quote Charles Barkley when he said, “We as black people, we’re never going to be successful not because [of] you white people, but because of other black people.”

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I hate to admit it, but I understand that quote.

I’ve been [racially] profiled on numerous occasions, but not once has it influenced an ill feeling inside me about anyone outside of that issue. REAL SLAVERY is different from what’s going on in our world now. We all (every ethnicity) have the opportunity to lead by EXAMPLE.

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Instead of making videos about the history of racism that get applause or people with influence merely doing things to post for social media, we should focus on individual accountability to be better as a whole.

I recently ran into a guy I grew up with who spent his adulthood dealing drugs. While we were catching up, he shared with me that he wished that he chose a different and better path. He said seeing my success was inspiring and that it encouraged him to do better with his life.

Real question: What is wrong with being sophisticated and black? Why do we associate those who choose the straight-and-narrow as not being “black enough?” Why was it that I was one of the first examples of success to my friend?

We focus hard on fighting the realities that exist instead of creating our own reality. The ones who came for us (Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X) paved a new path for us to follow. The struggles and hurt they endured created new life for us today.

It is not our job to carry the burden, but it is our job to lead by example.

Not that my opinion matters, I’m just sharing my thoughts.
Dee’s opinion does matter, especially when you consider that he had to know he would get blowback for his views. –MRCTV –Breitbart

Here is a screen shot of his final post on the matter. Bryant tries to explain to his followers that God guides him in all that he does, “my life has no filter lol…all I can say is thank you God”:

i love dez bryant

Here are a few of the hateful responses Bryant got to his remarks on Instagram: 

  • iamdatdude1You are a disgrace to the struggle. Niggas make a couple of million dollars and think racism is over…..ha!!!! Keep on cooning. Don’t come back crying when they OJ your ass!!!!
  • lick_my_kicks817You a disgrace to the struggle, no where close to real.. Coon ass nigga
  • shaqat_734Done with you man, coon ass
  • rising_phenixDez is offically in the sunken place ☕????
  • rmcgee1911They are laughing at you @dezbryant and the sad thing is you know it.
  • sweatmecuzumhotHe’s a coon once the “White Man” done with him he’ll start to get he’s senses. Like most black athletes talk hate etc but the main one on the field starting fights n get he’s ass beat ????????
  • studentwarrior@mafiameezy first of all, let’s get one thing clear: Negroes like you and Dez ARE NOT part of the ‘Black’ Men who are qualified to speak on issues that concern Black people. Real recognize real, and you’re not a part of US. So, do away with the whole “we” concept. We are not all in this together. So, there is no we.
  • 3017_savageI hope you blow out you knee and somebody shoves a mop up your ass

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