The NFL is having trouble already and it’s only week one of the 2018 football season. So far we’ve had Colin Kaepernick and Nike teaming up for what was supposed to be their inspiring advertising campaign, but it ended up being more divisive and fans dismantled it piece by piece, even burning their Nike apparel as a response. Pair that up with at least two players from the Miami Dolphins taking a knee and you have a rough start to football while the America-hating athletes stick their nose in the air at our great country.

While fans expressed their distaste for the anti-American protests by athletes abusing their platform, they spoke the hardest by alienating football entirely. Some football fans have given up on the NFL, refusing to watch any games or buy more merchandise. Think about it! Us fans are the people who pay the athletes checks when we cough up $10 for a beer or $40 for parking, then get ripped off by the inflated food costs inside the stadium. When I can get a case of Bud Lite for $25, or two beers at the ballpark, then I’m going to be a little fed up when some irritating NFL player starts yapping about his social justice nonsense.

That’s not what I’m paying for!

There was a poll conducted on Twitter that consisted of nearly 3,000 people suggests that at least 77% of them have refused to watch a single NFL football game in week one of the 2018 season.

David Hookstead asked, “Will you be watching any NFL games today?”

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The results are not very shocking. Actually, they kind of are because I’m shocked it wasn’t higher than 77%!

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Some NFL fans supported their home team or teams who wouldn’t take a knee during the national anthem. For example, the Eagles and Cowboys are two teams who didn’t take a knee during the national anthem. There may have been a few fists raised, but the players stood up for their country.

Overall, a striking majority of the poll stated they were not interested in the NFL games this weekend during week one.

The NFL has a huge problem on their hands if they don’t stop the injection of players throwing their personal politics around and trashing the entertainment value of sports.

Going to an NFL game quite the experience. Everything from the parking lot parties, walking into the game with a “roadie” and then trashing fans from opposing teams during the game (and shaking hands later) – it’s all one big huge circus freak show and we love it.

The moment the players start taking a knee is the moment we start booing and are reminded that we just wasted money on an adult baby who thinks they are above all else and throw their politics in our face.

Players who take a knee are disrespectful to fans and the country.

NFL ratings appear to be down according to President Trump and his epic tweet calling out the league.

“Wow, NFL first game ratings are way down over an already really bad last year comparison. Viewership declined 13%, the lowest in over a decade. If the players stood proudly for our Flag and Anthem, and it is all shown on broadcast, maybe ratings could come back? Otherwise worse!”

Are you tired of the whiny NFL player protests yet?


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