The Buffalo Bills announced their support of the ‘National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL)’ and would launch a chapter in Buffalo.

“The NGFFL is a non profit sports organization that seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American flag football,” the Bills announced.

“We are thrilled to bring inclusive flag football to Buffalo with the support of the Buffalo Bills. This exciting addition joins 27 other cities, and over 4,000 players, including straight allies, in the National Gay Flag Football League,” said NGFFL Commissioner Joel Horton, according to the Bills.

From the Buffalo Bills:

This collaboration is a game-changer for bringing LGBTQ+ organized football to Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills join other supportive NFL teams including the Giants, Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Cardinals, Bears, Commanders, and Seahawks in making our growing league even more inclusive.

“Our mission is to unite the community through the spirit of competition while celebrating our diversity. By fostering an environment where everyone is welcome, we aim to build a stronger, more inclusive Buffalo. Together, with the backing of the Buffalo Bills, we are creating a space where all individuals can participate, compete, and thrive,” Horton continued.

The NGFFL has been in existence since 2002 and is growing steadily into major cities across the U.S. More information will be coming out soon on the league’s website detailing the exciting developments on the NGFFL in Buffalo.

“You have to be gay to join? Im confused. Why dont we just all play regular flag football?” former Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley asked.

Fox News reports:

The NGFFL has been around for more than two decades. Details about the team that is set to soon begin competing in Buffalo are expected to be released at a later date.

Bills VP of Community Impact Michelle Roberts said the sponsorship affords the franchise an opportunity to expand the flag football league’s community impact.

“We are excited to join the NFL and other Clubs across the league in their support of the NGFFL,” Roberts said. “Through our sponsorship, we are looking forward to expanding the impact of the NGFFL in our community.”

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