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New Hampshire voter Connie Reihms says she will vote for President Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primary and tells Fox News’ Bill Hemmer:

“We love Trump.”

This lady is spot on with her comment that Trump makes her 401K “move.”

She goes on to say that the Democrats do nothing and that she doesn’t like them. She says all they do is argue with one another and then says, “what good is that?”

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The comments from this New Hampshire voter are another great example of how Americans feel about President Trump and his accomplishments in three years. The economy is booming but the president has followed through with so many promises he made in the campaign.


President Trump is gearing up for another massive rally in Manchester, New Hampshire tonight. Take a look at the massive crowd already forming outside of the venue, as they wait in miserable weather to show their support for President Donald J. Trump.

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One of President Trump’s most vocal opponents, MSNBC, sent a crew to Manchester, New Hampshire to cover his massive rally tonight, on the eve of the Democratic primary elections.

The video below, shows Monica Alba, the MSNBC reporter asking Trump supporters why they’re waiting in line for the chance to see him speak tonight? “We talked to some of these folks have actually been here since yesterday morning. And to just give you an idea, we’ve had snow, we’ve had rain you can tell from the conditions out here, they are just a little bit nasty.  But these are the kind of Trump supporters who wanna show up for the president. Take a listen to what a couple of them told me while they’re standing in line for hours here:

“I wanna follow my man! He’s saving our country. He’s doing a good job! That’s why they don’t like him on the left.”

“Who wouldn’t want to see the President? He’s done a wonderful job.”

“In 2016, he lost the state by 2,700 votes. That’s not gonna happen this time.”

Alba told “Hallie” back at MSNBC, that while the Democrats are trying to battle to see who’s going to be their nominee, Republicans are standing firmly behind Trump.

Alba pointed out that the venue holds 11,000 people, and that none of the Democrats have not been able to attract those kinds of crowds.

That didn’t stop the Bernie Sanders campaign from lying about the size of his crowds. Deputy Director of Communications for President Trump, Zach Parkinson, called Bernie and his campaign out for not telling the truth in this tweet, as he pointed out that Trump’s August rally in New Hampshire had 6 times more attendees than Bernie’s crowd of socialist supporters.


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