Passengers on a Carnival Cruise ship that reportedly sailed directly into a storm on Friday night as it attempted to dock in Charleston, S. Carolina, were forced to live a nightmare they will likely not forget anytime soon.

The Carnival Sunshine, which stopped in the Bahamas, was on its way back when a massive storm surrounded the ship while large swells of waves crashed over the decks, leaving hallways flooded and passengers feeling sick and many of them fearing for their lives.

According to one passenger, crew members and the captain on the Carnival ship remained silent about what was happening, leaving customers in the dark about the storm that was battering the ship, while guests were unable to access wifi to access weather or storm reports.

A video taken by a guest shows the massive waves below from Deck 4 of the Carnival Cruise ship:

Here’s a view of the massive waves outside the window of a customer’s room on the Carnival Cruise ship:

Shocking videos show the damage that was done to the interior of the ship before guests were evacuated:

Those onboard the ship described how conditions worsened overnight Friday and into Saturday as the crew members stayed silent about what was happening.

Daniel Taylor shared with how much of the weeklong trip went well, with stops in the Bahamas.

Carnival Cruise guest Daniel Taylor

But at about 4.30pm on Friday, the trip took a turn for the worse as the ship approached choppy waters.

Just 15 minutes later, Taylor said, the captain made an announcement that due to the adverse weather conditions, the Sunshine may arrive back in Charleston later than it was scheduled to.

“He said that the staff would do everything they could to minimize discomfort,” Taylor recounted, noting that shortly thereafter, vomit bags were put out on all the elevators.

At about 8 pm, the staff started closing off and evacuating all the public deck areas, and just about one hour later, Taylor said he went to the buffet, where he saw plates and cups topple.

Throughout this time, Taylor said, the ship was still traveling at 11 knots per hour, only reducing speed to 5 knots per hour at 11.15 pm when winds started hitting the ship at 80mph.

At that point, he said, the ‘captain turned the ship from sailing northwest toward Charleston to head northeast heading directly into the eye of the storm.’

Taylor also said he watched as the cabin across from his started to leak from the ceiling and told how there were no announcements from the crew.


At about 2 am, he said, the staff changed the television screens to a standby announcement — thereby wiping off the screen showing the direction the ship was traveling and how fast.

‘We were no longer able to see where we were going, how fast we were going, what the wind speed was, or anything,’ Taylor said. ‘We were blind to what was going on — especially with no weather or course update since 4.45 pm the previous day.

‘This was also around the time our Internet went out, so we weren’t able to look at the weather online or contact anyone,’ he added.

‘At this point, we were hitting large swells over and over. They had to be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet.’

Meanwhile, he said, he saw crew members wearing life jackets.

It wasn’t until 7.30 am, Taylor recounted, the cruise director came on the air and made an announcement that they were outside Charleston harbor but could not dock as scheduled.

Remnants of the storm were still surrounding the ship on the morning after the violent storm. According to the Twitter account “FlyersCaptain,” this eerie video shows the deck of the ship at 9:07 AM.

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