The far-left “The Young Turks” co-creator, Cenk Uygur has made his share of outrageous,anti-American comments, but on Tuesday, during a livestream event, his Muslim nephew, Hasan Piker made him look like an amateur flame-thrower. Uygur’s nephew called the terrorist responsible for causing former Navy SEAL, who’s now a Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw (TX) lose his eye, a “brave f**king soldier.”


The Muslim “The Young Turks” contributor also said “America deserved 9-11” the attack by terrorists that left 3,000 innocent people dead.

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The Daily Wire is reporting that the American born nephew of the “Young Turks” is now blaming a language barrier on his vile remarks.

Uygur disavowed the statements made from Piker throughout the discussion but noted his nephew should have a chance to explain the commentary. For his part, Piker said he used imprecise language when he declared “America deserved 9/11,” underscoring that he is “anti-war,” and suggested one could “chalk” up the apparent error “to English being [his] second language.”

“I thought that I was saying that, you could draw a direct line, basically, that it was a consequence all of the things that we (the United States) have done in the region,” Piker told Uygur, explaining his 9/11 comment.

The TYT host told Piker that it was still “wrong” to say “Americans deserve 9/11.”

“No, I didn’t say, ‘Americans deserve 9/11,’ I said, ‘America deserves 9/11,'” Piker said.

“And that’s still wrong,” replied Uygur.

“Well, maybe you could chalk it up to English being my second language, or whatever you wanna chalk it up to,” Piker responded, adding that he “should have used more precise and better use of the language there.”

According to his Politicon profile, Piker was “born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.”

Defending the vile remarks, Piker emphasized that he does not owe Crenshaw respect for serving in our military, though he noted that the Republican took the mockery “like a champ.”

During an appearance on Fox News, Laura Ingraham’s “The Angle” show, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) had the perfect response to the vile rant by the American born, triggered Democrat.

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