From the moment polls closed last night until late this morning, GOP Candidate Jack Ciattarelli was leading the Governor’s race against his iron-fisted, COVID-positive nursing-home-packing Democrat opponent Governor Phil Murphy. Political pundits were stunned. MSNBC hosts came unglued. For over 12 hours, Americans watching Murphy lag behind in the vote tallies believed they were witnessing the most stunning upset of yesterday’s election.

Those of us who watched the November 2020 election being stolen in Democrat stronghold cities using a variety of dirty tactics and techniques knew better.

On the eve of the November election, several Democrat-stronghold cities in crucial swing states across America abruptly and inexplicably stopped counting votes in the middle of the night. Reports of phony water main breaks turned out to be a leaky urinal. A white van delivered boxes and boxes of absentee ballots through a back hallway in the Democrat stronghold city of Detroit’s absentee ballot counting facility at 3:30 am. Shortly after the van delivered their last-minute absentee ballots to the TCF Center, Trump’s massive lead was wiped out, and incredibly, Biden took the lead in a state Trump won in 2016. Red counties across Michigan and other must-win states had already reported their vote tallies, while Democrat stronghold cities were still “counting votes” well into the next day.

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Why do Americans stand for this? Why do we accept this result time and time again? Democrat stronghold counties wait for the red counties to report, and once they know how many votes are needed to win, they somehow manage to pull them out of their hats like a rabbit in a magic show.

Early this morning, Ciattarelli’s lead began to dwindle; by 10 am, more Democrat counties began reporting, and Murphy took a negligible lead. But as the day wore on, more blue counties that had still not reported were magically boosting Murphy’s lead.

Of 21 counties, only two red counties have not yet reported their full election results, while six blue counties have not yet reported their final tallies. Camden, one of New Jersey’s larger counties is only reporting 88% of the total count almost 20 hours after the polls closed in New Jersey.

With almost every red county reporting while several blue counties are still “counting” votes, Ciattarelli’s chances of knocking out the unpopular incumbent Governor Murphy have become very unlikely.

The New York Times’ most recent update of the New Jersey Governor’s race shows Murphy pulling away from Ciattarelli, as blue counties finally submit their vote tallies.

When will voters demand a strict reporting deadline for vote tallies that must be adhered to in every county in every state, regardless of political makeup?


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