Confused Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has been blasted by supporters of the party for hiding in the basement. Today, Sleepy Joe ventured out of his basement for a small event in his birthplace of Lancaster, PA. The purpose of Biden’s visit was to discuss Obamacare with three PA families.

Unfortunately, for Joe, the only people who seemed to care that he was coming to the must-win state of Pennsylvania were Trump supporters and BLM protesters. Old Joe just can’t seem to evoke any enthusiasm from his own party.

Watch as the pro-Trump supporters give a warm welcome to a large Trump-Biden semi-truck pulling up to the event.

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62-year-old Karen Bosco of York County, PA joined the pro-Trump supporters to share a message for “Hiden Biden” who she claims has “No Energy, No Ideas and No Honesty.”

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Pro-Trump supporters and BLM protesters stood on opposite sides of the street waiting for Joe Biden to arrive at his lackluster event.

According to Lancaster Online Biden shut out all local media, making the event avaialble only to national media and an Associated Press pool reporter.

A local television station and — inexplicably — a Pittsburgh radio station CBS affiliate were allowed in late. But not the local newspaper journalists, who politely and repeatedly asked for access but were told they couldn’t enter because of “space restrictions.”

Here’s the real reason the Biden campaign is limiting his media coverage. Watch Joe Biden in Lancaster, today explain how over 120 million people have died from COVID.


This video sums up why no one is showing up for Joe:

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