Kellyanne Conway was taking photos in the oval office and got a little casual by kneeling on the couch. She was roundly crucified for this in the press and political circles. Well, according to the designer of the couch, she shouldn’t be crucified for what she did. It’s great that the designer of the couch is speaking out in support of Kellyanne…

Interior designer Kenneth Blasingame — who styled George W. Bush’s Oval Office — tells TMZ he’s nowhere near offended Kellyanne put her pumps all over his old boss’ couch … and neither should anyone else.
Blasingame says while he considers the space “sacred,” it doesn’t mean Kellyanne isn’t entitled to an informal moment there … since there’s been plenty in its long history:

Funny thing though … Kenneth tells us Bush ran a tight ship when it came to visitors in his Oval Office — i.e. no blue jeans, and suit jacket required.
But, when it comes to Kellyanne’s faux pas in front of reps from HBCU … BFD.

Via: TMZ

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