ARE WE BECOMING LIKE EUROPE? The state of denial in Europe is at a breaking point…America could be going the same way with denial of the terrorism right before our eyes…

We can guarantee you haven’t heard about this “mystery” crash where a Muslim truck driver made no attempt to stop on a highway…No news on this at all…what’s even worse is NO CHARGES. It’s not like this just happened. It happened 10 days ago yet the man who killed four has not been charged…

Illinois State Police on Saturday released the name of the driver who was behind the wheel of a semi that smashed into seven cars at highway speed, killing two Staunton sisters, their friend and another student.

Mohamed Yussuf Jama, 53, of Greeley, Colo., was the truck driver, according to Illinois State Police spokesman Calvin Dye Jr.

No citations had been issued to Jama as of Saturday.

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State Police investigators are reviewing Jama’s medical records, toxicology, commercial driver log books and the truck, Dye said.

Jama’s 2016 Freightliner Cascadia slammed into cars on Interstate 55 with “no attempt to stop,” Dye said. The cars were slowed or stopped in traffic, ahead of the truck. The semi ran over some vehicles.

Illinois State Police say eight vehicles were involved in the crash, which occurred at about 6:15 p.m. on Nov. 21 on I-55’s southbound side at milepost 27, just south of Hamel. There were 12 people with injuries, and four confirmed fatalities.

“This is one of the worst crashes some of us have ever seen,” Dye said.

Jama has been interviewed, Dye said. Dye declined to give details on what Jama said caused the crash.


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