Why do Democrat lawmakers repeatedly push rules and regulations on common citizens when they have no intention of following the same rules themselves?

Remember when Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was caught getting her hair done in a salon that was open in violation of the California lockdown order? The salon’s security camera showed Speaker Pelosi, who frequently admonishes others for not wearing a mask, walking around the salon without a mask.

On Thursday, Joe Biden tweeted a bizarre video of himself placing a mask over his face, in his efforts to convince Americans to cover their faces with face masks.

Yesterday, during a rare public appearance, Joe Biden traveled to NYC to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. Of course, like Nancy Pelosi, social distancing rules don’t apply to Joe. The Democrat presidential candidate, who’s called for a mandatory national mask rule, can be seen with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, and with Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Both Democrat lawmakers appear to be pressed up against Biden on either side.

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If we didn’t know better, we’d think they were trying to give poor old Joe COVID!


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It’s almost weird that the only time Joe followed his own rules is when he bumped into Vice President Pence in NYC at the 9/11 memorial service. The two bumped elbows in lieu of a handshake.

AP photo.

It’s not the first time Joe Biden ignored the rules for preventing the spread of COVID he’s been preaching to the public. Last week, in a rare departure from his basement Joe Biden was seen exiting a private plane with his wife (caregiver) Jill Biden in Kenosha, WI. Joe Biden openly flouted the social distancing and no-touch COVID rules that he and fellow Democrat mayors are hell-bent on making sure others follow.  In the video below, Biden can be seen wearing a mask, as he casually extends his hand to shake the hand of a campaign staffer. Biden immediately adjusts his face mask with the same hand he used to shake the hand of his staffer.


Rules for thee…but not for me.

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