CNN’s Jim Acosta and others have been making the claim that there is absolutely no problem at our open border.

Acosta even traveled down to McAllen, Texas on the day President Trump went to visit the border.

He inadvertently proved we need a physical barrier when he posted a video on Twitter talking about how peaceful it is where there are barriers.

He was skewered on social media for proving the case for a wall.

Even President Trump jumped in to mock Acosta:

While the left denies there is a HUGE problem at our border, more people turn up dead.

The area a few hours from where Acosta visited the border just turned into a crime scene with 21 bodies.

Gang violence is a big problem in border towns where people turn up dead or missing.

MS-13 and other gangs are trafficking drugs and trying to move them across the border.

In this case police believe it was a turf battle between the Zetas and Gulf cartels trying to control the Rio Grande Valley.

James Woods called out the “non-existent” border in a tweet about the bodies found in burned-out cars in a northern Mexico border town near the U.S. border:

This can lead to rival gangs fighting over territory.


21 bodies found along the Texas-Mexico border appear to have been clash between drug gangs, according to authorities.


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