A guest post by Conservative Blue State – The worst kept secret from the Biden White House is the dark of night flights of hundreds of children who have been illegally allowed entry into the U.S. to be “reunited” with parents or “sponsors.”

Like we actually know who these kids really are or for that matter who the supposed parents and sponsors actually are?

f this was all on the up and up, legal, moral and ethical, why the late-night flights?

Why the silence from this Administration who should be calling for every media source to “look-see what a great and good thing we are doing?” But they are not and that tells any intelligent person that this is not on the up and up. On the contrary, it’s an under-the-table and a badly kept secret.

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Transparency, which was supposed to be a hallmark of this administration, has been anything but and it’s been disaster after disaster followed by scandal after scandal. This is just the most recent instance.

You don’t have to wonder why – it’s obvious. Those running this administration can’t be bothered to follow our laws. They regard the Constitution as a quaint antiquated document to be ignored whenever it can’t serve their agenda.

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Those coming across our border are not legal immigrants but illegal invaders.

We actually have federal laws on the books that describe the legal process for entry and this is not that. It is totally scandalous how this White House left hundreds of American Citizens and Afghan Green Card holders abandoned to the “mercy” of the Taliban but is hell-bent on illegally opening our borders and flying illegals all over our country.

There is nothing moral or ethical about any of this or those running this Administration.

Article by Steve Earle. Originally posted at Granite Grok.

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