What’s happening in Germany is a complete nightmare to any woman who has no way to defend herself. Gun control makes it very hard to get a gun and pepper spray is pretty much sold out.

The New York Post had this to say about the scramble for protection:

Europeans — especially women and cops — are stocking up on guns for personal protection in the wake of the New Year’s Eve refugee sex attacks.

The number of gun permits issued has recently quadrupled in Germany and Austria after the attacks in Cologne and Salzburg, according to the weapons industry.

“Women customers include waitresses that need to get home in the evening, and women that walk dogs regularly in the evenings. We are also seeing some coming in to buy them for their daughters,” Gerhard Fuchs, a gunsmith in Innsbruck, Austria, told Central European News.

American women should be so happy they can protect themselves with a gun.

Gun ownership is severely restricted in Germany while pepper spray is hard to find in German stores. The German website Focus said sales of pepper-spray have jumped 600 percent in the past two months amid mounting fears of violence coming from newly arrived Muslim asylum seekers from Syria and North Africa.

As the German government continued to pay no heed to the clamor of its citizens to put an end to the influx of new migrants, Germans are increasingly taking matters into their own hands.

A group called “Dusseldorf is Watching” attracted 2,300 members in less than 24 hours as people clamoured for protection. Members of the group plan to attend major events to protect women from gangs of migrants.

German citizens are particularly troubled that their government is covering up migrant rape and violence with negative comments against the migrants condemned by governmental officials and main stream media as “hate speech.”

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