While Trump supporters are treated like terrorists, the real terrorists of BLM and Antifa go free after committing crimes. Does America have a two-tiered justice system when it comes to Trump supporters? We think so…

The definition of outrageous is when someone commits a crime against a child and receives a slap on the hand. If you’re a leftist, you live in a world where you can cause destruction and injury then walk away with no consequences. That’s what many of the BLM thugs have done since the George Floyd riots last summer.

One especially egregious crime happened in Fredericksburg, VA, when a Black Lives Matter rioter smashed a car window in a 1-year-old child’s face. The incident was caught on video where it appears to show the rioter deliberately targeting the toddler:

The punishment this thug got is shocking.

Victor Miles II completely avoided prison after his Defense attorney Eugene Frost argued that it was a “very emotional time”…

Miles received a suspended sentence of just 90 days for assault and destruction of property charges, and the assault charge will be completely removed from his record if he stays out of trouble for a year.

Miles faced 5 years in prison on felony charges but is now free, just like so many other violent BLM rioters who, after facing zero consequences, are incentivized to be violent again.

If there is no punishment for a crime, then there is no deterrent. This is why so many criminals have become so emboldened to act out over and over.



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