You’d better not complain about this image of burka-wearing women at Octoberfest or you’ll be punished…Yes, this is the new Germany where you accept the invasion of Muslims or else! Can you believe that a German beer maker would think that this is “contemporary” Germany? There’s nothing at all contemporary about wearing a sheet over your head and having men decide your every move. By the way, the religion of Islam says you cannot drink beer so why would these women be attending Octoberfest? They are NOT your customers so Hacker-Pschorr had better wise up to who their target audience is…the German people!

Remember when this was what you saw at Octoberfest:


Oktoberfest is the traditional Munich beer festival, misnamed slightly since it actually starts in September. You might think a beer festival would be a good place to dodge Muslims. Not so, it seems.

Visitors to the tent of the German beer-maker Hacker-Pschorr will be greeted with a ridiculous image showing a burka-wearing woman.

Anyone who queries this or complains to the company about it gets a standard form letter in replay, which concludes in menacing style as follows:
It is a picture and not a political statement; it depicts contemporary Munich in all its aspects. … Please note that we refer for prosecution emails sent to us with contents that are insulting or incite hatred against peoples.

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Is this what the people of Germany want or do they want the picture below? Freedom speaks in the one below…We choose freedom!

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