It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden is one of the frontrunners for Democrats!

What are they thinking?

It has to be name recognition.

It can’t be because he’s so “with it.” The irony is that his bus tour is called “No Malarkey”…Joe is full of malarkey, aka nonsense!

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Biden has made too many gaffes to count during his time on the campaign trail. He forgets what town he’s in and recently called New Hampshire Vermont (see video below).

And now this…

He’s back in New Hampshire today and called it Iowa before correcting himself:

Another day, another Biden Gaffe.

Joe Biden thinks he’s still in Iowa.

He’s actually in New Hampshire.

Last time he was there, he called it Vermont.


In Keene, N.H., former Vice President Joe Biden told a press gaggle that he loves being in Vermont when asked about his time in Keene:

“What’s not to love about Vermont.”

This is one of many gaffes Biden has had just this week:

It doesn’t get much worse than this latest gaffe from Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden.

He was trying to thank a friend during a speech in Iowa and mangled the words into a classic gaffe.

Listen to ‘Gaffemaster Joe’ on a loop:

Joe Biden thanks his “longfriend timefriend and she’s a friend who’s been a friend in and out of public life.”

There’s more…

Joe Biden’s Melting Brain – The Ultimate Compilation


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