Americans are pushing back on the overreaching regulation and shutdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic. Parents of children are rising up to say they are fed up with the shutdown of schools. Americans want to get back to normal, and that means in-person learning.

Just yesterday, Sonoma County, California families who are sick and tired of not having in-person classes for their children rallied after their school district voted not to go back to school until 2021. Distance learning isn’t working for these parents, and they want the powers-that-be in the local school system to hear their cries of “No more Zoom! No more Zoom!”

According to fox10phoenix, the crowd of parents gathered at the Old Courthouse Square downtown to show support for in-person education for their children. Around 100 parents, teachers and students rallied to show their opposition to keeping the classrooms permanently shut down until the end of the year:

The school board president claimed, “We really had to go for the science and what Department of Health and the state was telling us.”

Parents and educators had a completely different take on things saying, “We need to get these kids into the classroom. What started as a two…three-week shutdown has turned into six months, and these kids are suffering.”

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Some of the students at the protest voiced their displeasure with the learning environment online.

High school senior Peyton Vice described online class:

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“It’s so hard to pay attention in class; teachers try to give us lectures and give us work. But if I get confused, I start online shopping sometimes, it’s not ideal at all. From my experience, every student who is taking a test; they just text each other and ask them for the answers.”

Vice said she spends 6 hours in an online class and 3 doing online homework.

Is the stress that children are put under worth them getting the coronavirus where serious symptoms are rare?

Children in the middle school and high school age group rarely get very sick or hospitalized from the coronavirus.

What do you think about the continued shutdown of schools across America?

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