Berkeley, CA has become a hot-bed radical terrorists hell-bent on defeating our 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech has been under attack for the past 8 years, but never has it been so well organized as it is now, and ground-zero is radical Berkeley, California. Just last month a young man who was given the nick-name “Stick man” by his fellow patriots for defending himself and his fellow pro-Trump supporters against the masked Antifa cowards. 

Watch these two stunning interviews, where police officers almost admit to this liberal reporter that they’ve been told to stand down:

This police officer is clearly agitated that he’s being asked why he’s ignoring the violence:

The last time violence erupted in Berkeley when anti-Trump terrorists attacked members of a pro-Trump rally, Americans were stunned to see police officers standing by and watching the violence unfold without making any attempt to stop it. So it’s no surprise that the Berkeley farmers market made the decision to close down after 30 years for the day due to threats of violence at today’s “Patriots Day” rally.

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Martin Bourque, director of the Ecology Center which runs the market, said the center decided to cancel the market because of the unpredictability of the planned “Patriots Day” rally, which is scheduled to start at the park at noon. A counter-rally organized by people on the far left will begin at 10 a.m. In early March, the last time the two sides met in the park, the protests turned bloody, police seized numerous bats and sticks, and ten people were arrested. –Berkeley Side

Some of the farmers chose to come anyhow, as seen in the background in the video below where conservative reporter Lauren Southern is covering the events while wearing a gas mask and helmet.

It wasn’t long though before all out violence and chaos broke out between the patriots attending a pro-Trump rally and the terror group Antifa, which is really just a collection of Soros-paid thugs, anti-Trump Democrats and basement dwellers looking for something to do that makes them feel like they have a purpose in life. Watch how quickly things escalate in the video below. Note how the cowardly anti-Trumpers drag one person into their crowd and then gang up on him to ensure maximum violence is used against them, while Trump supporters appear to be trying to either stop the fights or fighting anti-Trumpers in one-on-one battles:

Antifa terror group throws projectiles, pepper bombs at pro-Trump supporters then run away. Twitter user suggests they’re running back to their parents basements…LOL!

Last March the local news station confirmed that the police allowed violent Democrats to attack peaceful Trump supporters and confirmed that Trump supporters who were part of a planned March 4 Trump nationwide rally were seriously outnumbered:

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