Group Of Guys Try To Jump The Mailman Because He Allegedly Didn’t Deliver Their Christmas Gifts On Time!

A video surfaced of a fight between a group of teens and a mailman in Baton Rouge which led to one teen being arrested, according to police.

The video, posted by BatonRougeCrime on Twitter, appears to show the group of teens surrounding the postal worker and shouting threats. The mailman responds, chasing the teens as they circle him, then eventually gets in his truck and drives away.

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The teens are seen kicking the truck in the video as it drives off, and police said during the fight one of them stole the mailman’s phone.

Other people in the neighborhood stopped driving to watch the altercation take place.

Baton Rouge Police said a 15-year-old was arrested and taken to juvenile detention after the fight happened Thursday. Police said up to four other juveniles are being sought in connection with the attack. Via: WBRZ-2

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