I cannot believe what I am looking at right now. This is supposedly the letter that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, had sent to Senator Diane Feinstein and you may erupt in laughter as you read it.

First of all, let me just start by saying that any woman who is sexually assaulted should definitely report it as fast as possible and the accused should face punishment if indeed guilty.

Second, any person who falsely accuses someone should be held to the same punishment as the accused.

Third, Ford waited so long to say something isn’t what makes her story sound so fake – it’s everything else surrounding it, and this letter just nails a proverbial home run out of the fake news ballpark and I can’t stop shaking my head over it.

Why, if someone is sexually assaulted, are they talking to politicians about it and not the police? That didn’t ever make sense either, right?

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Either way, here we are and Kavanaugh’s accuser had supposedly sent Diane Feinstein a confidential letter. Feinstein released Ford’s confidential and it’s all sorts of messed up.

For starters, the font doesn’t match on parts of the letter. If you look closely at the second paragraph of Ford’s letter, then you’ll see a huge difference in the font. Why are the words using different fonts? Did someone try to change the original letter?

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If you’re typing an email or letter to someone, then you don’t randomly change the font in the middle of the document. No one does that. That wouldn’t make sense to randomly start using a different font. I don’t think elementary students would do something like that. Ford is educated, so we have to assume she has at least moderate computer skills and I’d like to think she wouldn’t change a font in the middle of a paper for no reason. That doesn’t add up and I find it suspicious.

This looks like someone tried to change what the letter originally said, but couldn’t figure out what font to use.

Heck, anyone using the paintbrush tool could’ve switched this letter.

Then again, was the letter sent by email or was it printed and sent via snail mail?

If it was sent via snail mail, then someone can still scan the letter and use software to manipulate the letter, however, the font and sizing may not match up perfectly. That’s kind of what this looks like. It looks like someone scanned a printed piece of paper and maybe uploaded it to something like Google Drive/Docs where it was converted, but unable to be perfectly matched.

I don’t know about you, but this is very strange to me.

Here’s the letter, thanks to the Gateway Pundit.

What else is wrong with Ford’s letter? Take a look and tell us in the comments!

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