Nikki Haley suffered an embarrassing defeat in the meaningless GOP Nevada primary Tuesday night.

With Donald Trump off the ballot, Haley still couldn’t secure the win.

‘None of these candidates’ garnered the most votes in the primary.

According to the Associated Press, ‘none of these candidates’ had 62.9% and Haley was second at a distant 30.8%.

At the time of writing, 86% of the vote was tallied.


Although the Nevada primary isn’t worth any delegates, the loss is symbolic and humiliating for Haley.

POLITICO reports:

Nikki Haley suffered a major embarrassment in Nevada on Tuesday, finishing far behind “none of these candidates” in a presidential primary in which Donald Trump didn’t even compete.

Haley’s second-place drubbing to the disembodied alternative on the ballot came in an otherwise no-stakes primary that will not award delegates to the Republican Party’s presidential nominating convention. Trump is expected to romp in the contest that will award delegates, the party-run caucus later this week.

For Haley’s allies, Tuesday’s setback — she has not yet won a single state in the presidential primary — was already the subject of heavy pre-spinning. Some Trump loyalists in the state had actively encouraged his supporters to mark “none of these candidates” to protest her.

“Trump’s supporters will follow that man through the gates of hell,” said Chuck Muth, a former Nevada Republican Party executive director and conservative activist and writer.

CNN noted:

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden won the Democrats’ Nevada presidential primary, according to a CNN projection, adding delegates in a state where he faced little opposition as he marches toward his party’s nomination and prepares for a possible rematch with Trump. Tuesday’s Silver State primary came three days after Biden notched his first official victory of the 2024 primary cycle in South Carolina.

Trump is participating in Thursday’s party-run caucuses, which will award the state’s delegates. Haley is not competing in the caucuses. Nevada GOP rules prevented candidates from participating in both contests, but eligible voters can vote in both.

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